Tales from the Yawning Portal: A Jai and Maria adventure

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Tales from the Yawning Portal: A Jai and Maria adventure

Post by Scoutkirby on Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:37 pm

It's evening, you're sitting in a booth across from your companion, a human in her early twenties, having a drink between the two of you in a tavern known as the Yawning Portal.

"Quite a crowd here tonight. Lots of delicious looking people here." She said, licking her lips. It was only natural she'd comment like that, being a succubus. Namely, the queen of the succubi. "Oh don't give me that look darling, you know you're the most delicious person in the room" she flirted to Jai. She had a point though, it was rather crowded. You could only assume this was a typical night for them. Several curious objects lined the walls of the tavern, perhaps trophies from the owner's life as an adventurer. An investigation roll would give you a better idea what they are.


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